BJ Huss has re-entered the music scene with an album that goes back to his roots as a musician. While he is influenced by many popular Classic Rock and Americana musicians, his greatest influences are his family. Specifically his father Jere Huss and his Grandfather who was an accomplished mandolin player in his day.


Some may know BJ from his previous work with the bands Negative Space and Sugarcoat. These experiences laid a great foundation for BJ’s musicianship and song writing skills, and some amazing musical connections. When BJ began working in music again after a hiatus, he made sure to include some of his original collaborators in this solo project.


This team helped support BJ in his upcoming release Rewind, which will be available on February 2, 2024 on all major streaming platforms. After a devastating accident, BJ was unsure if he would be able to perform again. But with the support of his wife, family and his friends he has created an album that goes back to his musical heritage as a player and songwriter.


When creating Rewind, BJ was able to bring together some musicians he has worked with in the past and some other musicians he has met on his journey, to create a new musical identity. With Rewind, BJ has shown great promise as an  Americana musician and songwriter. The team he has assembled truly brings his songwriting to life. While all of the songs he has written are outstanding, BJ is especially proud to record War and Famine. This song was written by his father Jere in the 1970’s while he was in the Navy. “This song is timeless” BJ said when asked why he included it on his solo debut.


BJ is currently working with his team to create videos for these great songs as well as  working on material for another album! Make sure you follow BJ on your favorite streaming platform or consider purchasing the album on BandCamp or Apple Music. Follow him on YouTube to see the videos he creates for these songs as well. And follow him on social media or keep an eye on his website to see when and where you can catch him live!